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We Ensure Professional Insurance Services


 A policy for owner occupied homes that provides protection for your dwelling and personal property.

Farm Owners

A policy of protection for your farm dwelling, farm buildings and farm and personal property.

Farm Policy

Provides coverage for your farm buildings, machinery, crops and livestock. Used when there is no dwelling to insure.


Insures your personal property, liability can be added for addition security..

Service Line

 Extends coverage to service lines located underground outside the home that provide services, such as sewer, gas and water lines to the home.

City Dwelling

Rental dwelling coverage for homes located in town.



Affords peace of mind against legal issues that may be presented from others. Coverage can be provided for risks located in town or on the farm.

Equipment Breakdown

Provides additional coverage for electrical and mechanical components on your residence, including water heaters, HVAC Systems and when insured, even farm machinery.

Earthquake Coverage

Payson Mutual offers many coverages to protect your home. If you want or need earthquake coverage contact one of our agents to learn more.

Payson Farmers Mutual Insurance has Over 150 Years of Experience in the Insurance Industry.